Gaat Movie | Camille Boumans

Gaat Movie | Camille Boumans


On Thursday the 12th of May we'll host the fourth edition of La Cassette Gaat Movie. A movie night curated by young talented movie directors, D.O.P's, editors, actors and other creatives in the film industry.

Every edition we'll invite a guest to curate a movie that inspires them in their work as a filmmaker. Also, we'll start an open conversation about their ambitions, inspirations, creative process and projects. In a Q&A you get the chance to ask anything you ever wanted to know about filmmaking.

This time we've invited the Camille Boumans @camilleboumans. Camille is a Dutch filmmaker who expresses herself in various mediums such as editing and directing. In her work, she combines modern aesthetics and intimate cinematography. She collaborates with brands of any size that have passion and purpose.


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