We're thrilled to return to Rotterdam on June 15th. Back once again at Mono Rotterdam, and we assure you the wait will be worth it. It's been a while since we last brought some La Cassette energy to this distinctive city, and as you can expect from us, we're not arriving empty-handed. 

In a tribute to Rotterdam's vibrant electronic music heritage, we're presenting a legendary lineup to make sure it's gonna be one for the books. 

First up is the iconic DJ Moortje, a pioneer who introduced Bubbling music to Rotterdam in the 80s. A true underground legend, DJ Moortje used to share his groundbreaking tracks on cassette tapes. Just as La Cassette is all about fostering connections through music, DJ Moortje did the same with his unforgettable Bubbling tapes. 

Next, we have TiZi, a rising star from Amsterdam who's been lighting up venues like Garage Noord, Kanaal 40, and Worm Rotterdam. TiZi's genre-fluid mixes are packed with high-energy bangers, perfect for a night inspired by the infectious rhythms of Bubbling music.

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