La Classette

La Classette

We are very excited to finally announce the start of La Classette; an educational trajectory in which you will learn all about one of the three creative principles we often use in our productions. 

Whether you want to excel in photo- and videography, graphic design or event production, we'll suit you with fitting creative professionals and host various masterclasses and workshops throughout the program. 

La Classette will take place at Vogelfrei, Utrecht, on Saturdays from February 17 until April 6. The program consists of seven course days and a final exposition day on April 6 in which all creative disciplines will work together. 

If you are looking for ways to find inspiration and grow creatively, this is the program for you. To participate, fill out the form and tell us why you want to join and what you expect to learn from La Classette.


**The project will be given in Dutch.**

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