'Shining our light into the darkness' Campaign

'Shining our light into the darkness' Campaign



Bringing our streetlight everywhere and shining the light upon all the unseen talent who are operating in the dark.

La Cassette creates a place for the community of DJs, artists, photographers and video makers who use hip-hop and the night as a source of inspiration. We mainly operate at night, both online and offline. In the dark talent develops, friendships blossom and culture is born.

The La Cassette Crew
Director: Jordan Daniel 
D.O.P. : Ino van der Sande 
AC: Mart Pool 
Producer & text: Mees Gerkema
1st AD: Yara Bauer 
2nd AD: Nicandro Lorenzo Visser 
1st PA: Lieve Goedhart 
2nd PA: Sjoerd Roelofs 
3nd PA: Thimo Steehouder 
Edit & Grading: Mart Pool 
Voice over: Passion Deez 
Credit Design: Thimo Steehouder
Music: Recorddeals - 1 9 0 5

Friends, party people, family shown:  
@yenteluna, @Maximelhnen, @jalantikustikus, @lisalangemaat, @goriherder, @squareglobeplus, @zayonvh, @ko.jacobs, @taze___, @maasmulder, @yannickshapessamson, @jamanbroerneef, @auntiemerlin, @jairzonderinstagram, @bird.guy, @clipppy, @nonchelange, @quanza, @larizazaldy, @bigbobbybiitch, @berkicapo, @lilaholin_, @azucy_, @sofiaouakili, @thijsbruins, @vieknisser, @36framez, @Boisejade, @jaise.deleeuw, @uzibartnoble, @thimojonsson, @styzyyy_ , @hennessyhenk
1Love. Far From Done.

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