'Shining our light into the darkness' Campaign



Bringing our streetlight everywhere and shining the light upon all the unseen talent who are operating in the dark.

La Cassette creates a place for the community of DJs, artists, photographers and video makers who use hip-hop and the night as a source of inspiration. We mainly operate at night, both online and offline. In the dark talent develops, friendships blossom and culture is born.

The La Cassette Crew
Director: Jordan Daniel 
D.O.P. : Ino van der Sande 
AC: Mart Pool 
Producer & text: Mees Gerkema
1st AD: Yara Bauer 
2nd AD: Nicandro Lorenzo Visser 
1st PA: Lieve Goedhart 
2nd PA: Sjoerd Roelofs 
3nd PA: Thimo Steehouder 
Edit & Grading: Mart Pool 
Voice over: Passion Deez 
Credit Design: Thimo Steehouder
Music: Recorddeals - 1 9 0 5

Friends, party people, family shown:  
@yenteluna, @Maximelhnen, @jalantikustikus, @lisalangemaat, @goriherder, @squareglobeplus, @zayonvh, @ko.jacobs, @taze___, @maasmulder, @yannickshapessamson, @jamanbroerneef, @auntiemerlin, @jairzonderinstagram, @bird.guy, @clipppy, @nonchelange, @quanza, @larizazaldy, @bigbobbybiitch, @berkicapo, @lilaholin_, @azucy_, @sofiaouakili, @thijsbruins, @vieknisser, @36framez, @Boisejade, @jaise.deleeuw, @uzibartnoble, @thimojonsson, @styzyyy_ , @hennessyhenk
1Love. Far From Done.

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